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Article: Your Guide to a Superior Shave

Caswell-Massey Shave Cream jar shown with lid off to reveal rich cream and Chrome Razor leaning against the shave cream jar

Your Guide to a Superior Shave


Steps to a Superior Shave

Achieve the perfect shave in these 4 easy steps. Plus, we provide tips from the pros on how to avoid common mistakes, and we explain why some common habits prevent your skin from looking its best.

Caswell-Massey Pre-Shave Almond Oil: barber applying Almond Pre-Shave Oil to man's face prior to shaving

Step 1:

Prep Your Skin

Apply a few drops of our Pre-Shave Oil to the tips of your fingers and massage gently into your beard and skin.

WHY: The Pre-Shave Oil reduces razor drag by deeply moisturizing the skin, therefore preventing razor burn and enhancing blade accuracy by uplifting hair follicles for a clean cut.

Pro-Tip: Don't wipe away Pre-Shave Oil before applying shave cream

Step 2:

Add Shave Cream

  • Wet face with warm water
  • Apply a small amount, a quarter-sized amount, of shave cream to your fingertips or shave brush
  • Massage gently into facial hairs to work up a lather and soften follicles

Pro-Tip: Let the shave cream sit a couple minutes to allow cream to penetrate and soften hairs. Brush teeth or style hair in the meantime.

Step 3:


  • Clean your blades. Apply shave cream to razor and rinse thoroughly with warm water to cleanse before each use.
  • Shave in the direction your hair grows.
  • Rinse after each swipe.
  • Replace blades after 5 to 7 uses.

Pro-Tip: Use a double-edge safety razor for a clean, safe shave. Single blades cut at hair level, while multi-blade razors cut hair below skin level, which leads to ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Step 4:


Pat face dry after shaving and splash a small amount of aftershave in your hand to apply to the newly shaved area of your face.

WHY: Aftershaves prove their might by acting as an antiseptic by clearing pores of bacteria and then as an astringent by tightening pores to prevent reintroducing of dirt and bacteria. 


Almond Pre-Shave Oil

"Pleasant clean-smelling almond oil that lubricates my face so I don’t get razor burn or those nasty nicks that I’m prone to getting. I absolutely love this product and have ordered the subscription service to make sure I keep getting it when I need it."

- Hugh C.

Hugh C.

Number Six Shave Cream

"This is probably the best quality shaving cream I've used (though to be fair I am new to DE razor shaving). It takes minimal effort to get a lather, and I've noticed my skin isn't as dry as when I've used other brands, which is a plus as I've got sensitive skin. Scent is a bit strong and tends to linger, though that isn't a complaint from me."

- Devin L.

Newport Aftershave

"I'm a third generation Caswell-Massey user. I've used Newport since I was young and still believe it to be the best. Clean, fresh, simple. I love it."

- Tim H.

Beard & Face Oil

"Very good beard oil, high quality. I feel my beard hydrated and the skin underneath moisturized throughout the whole day. It also smells great and goes well with my go to Greenbriar cologne!"

- J.


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