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Caswell-Massey Number Six Eau de Parfum and Number Six Bar Soap shown on wood bureau with picture frame of dad and son with nautical decor behind it

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

Father's Day | Sunday, June 16th

Gifts for Father's Day

Shop our range of gift sets featuring our celebrated fragrances and iconic bar soaps that have been a part of family celebrations since 1752.

Caswell-Massey LX48 Bar Soap: Man holding the oval bar soap next to fragrance bottles
Caswell-Massey Iconic Discovery Set sitting on mantle piece

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Heritage Collection for Men

Caswell-Massey Orchid Perfume: Image shows Orchid Perfume 60mL Full-Size, Orchid Perfume 7.5mL Discovery Size, and Orchid Bath Soap with purple orchids

Velvety Sweet Drama

Orchid Perfume