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Caswell-Massey Jockey Club fragrance and soap sitting on a white mantle next to a family photo

An Icon of Classic Ivy Style

Jockey Club

Father's Day | Sunday, June 16th

Gifts for Father's Day

Shop our range of gift sets featuring our celebrated fragrances and iconic bar soaps that have been a part of family celebrations since 1752.

Caswell-Massey LX48 Bar Soap: Man holding the oval bar soap next to fragrance bottles
Caswell-Massey Iconic Discovery Set sitting on mantle piece

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Heritage Collection for Men

Caswell-Massey Orchid Perfume: Image shows Orchid Perfume 60mL Full-Size, Orchid Perfume 7.5mL Discovery Size, and Orchid Bath Soap with purple orchids

Velvety Sweet Drama

Orchid Perfume