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Our Story


Only a handful of companies in the world can answer this question from experience; Caswell-Massey is proud to be in this rarified crowd. From our earliest original home remedies to the new fragrance technology we use today, our history and our future is rooted in quality, innovation, curiosity, and perseverance—which is to say that we are truly an American Original.


Scent Emotions

We believe—rather, we know—that scent is an intimate expression of memories and relationships. The connections we make with scent are lasting and strong because they come from deep within. The Honeysuckle you picked as a kid. The cologne on your father’s coat when he got home from work. The scent you wore at graduation. Each one is unique.

We know that your own scent story is just as special. And so, we treat every customer as an individual and every sale as an important chapter in their story. 


True Craftsmanship

At our roots, we are artisans. With years of experience developing good quality products, with the very best ingredients, and the most beautiful true scents, we regard our trade as an art. We value the human hand, intention, and artisanship in every step along the way to the fine skincare and style products you see today. 



We know how important clean beauty is for us, and for our world. In fact, we’ve used real ingredients since our founding in 1752. We spare no expense in providing the very best. Today, we are proud to say we are always paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free. We are cruelty-free. And we are always made in the USA.



What’s good for the earth is good for us. In the creation of our soaps and skincare products, we strive to know and trust the sources of every single ingredient. The oil fragrancing our Centuries Sandalwood collection comes from true sustainably sourced Australian Sandalwood. 



We believe everyone could always do just a little bit better. Since 2016, we have taken large steps to eliminate non-recyclable plastics—and in fact, much of our plastic packaging at all—to lessen our carbon footprint. We manufacture many of our products in a solar-powered facility. And we’ve initiated partnerships with the New York Botanical Garden and Yellowstone Forever to raise awareness about their important conservation efforts and to celebrate our planet’s natural beauty through the medium we know best: scent. 


Respect for Our Heritage 

You don’t get to 260 years without being truly time tested. We lived through white wigs and wooden teeth and more recently: outfits of full-denim, and we’ve lived to tell the tale. In our centuries of work, all of our actions have reflected the passion of our founder to provide healthy self-care products and remedies that feel good to use. We still live by the same code of our founders’ today: always clean, always healthy, and always smelling divine. 


Hope for Our Future

It’s no easy task to follow-up our predecessors, but we take great pride in how far we have come today and we know that our efforts have honored the artists that have come before us. We adopt the values of our customers as our own and are continuously grateful for the chance to do so. Here’s to the next 270 years!