Gold Cap Number Six | After Shave

SKU: 09-40009


This iconic formula has a crisp, citrusy barbershop scent with notes of bergamot, rosemary, narcissus, and 27 secret aromatics. A bit of menthol provides a bracing feeling that adds the essential finishing touch to a good shave. Originally formulated in 1772, Number Six is considered America's first fragrance and the third oldest in continuous production. In 1780, George Washington discovered it at our Newport apothecary and became a regular customer after adopting Number Six as a signature scent. Importantly, the addition of menthol and glycerin allows the After Shave to soothe and refresh your skin post shave.

    For a limited time, we also offer a Supernatural Number Six After Shave Tonic to pair with our Supernatural Number Six Eau de Parfum. To view the entire Number Six collection of products, click here.

    1. Pat face dry after after shaving with preferred shave cream or soap, and razor
    2. Splash a small amount of tonic in your hand and apply to newly shaved area of face
    • Revitalizes skin and closes pores, post-shave, to reduce redness
    • Antiseptic, to ward off infections from bacteria that cause irritation
    • Soothe razor burn
    • Includes menthol for a bracing, fresh and clean feeling
    • 3 oz (88 ml) clear glass bottle
    • Cruelty-free
    • Made in the USA

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