Gold Cap Jockey Club | After Shave

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Long-lasting and bracing, our Jockey Club After Shave is fresh, dry, and undeniably masculine fragrance. The scent combines notes of citrus, florals, and wood, evoking the aura of an old-school barbershop. A bit of menthol provides a bracing feeling that adds the essential finishing touch to a good shave. Created in 1840, Jockey Club is one of America's first "sport" colognes, and upon introduction, it quickly became the ubiquitous scent from Saratoga to Churchill Downs. The appeal of Jockey Club extends far beyond the world of polo matches and horse racing, though, as a young John F. Kennedy was known to favor our Jockey Club.

    To complete your sporting man's grooming routine, view the entire Jockey Club collection here.

      1. Pat face dry after after shaving with preferred shave cream or soap, and razor
      2. Splash a small amount of tonic in your hand and apply to newly shaved area of face
      • Revitalizes skin and closes pores, post-shave, to reduce redness
      • Antiseptic, to ward off infections from bacteria that cause irritation
      • Soothe razor burn
      • Includes menthol for a bracing, fresh and clean feeling
      • 3 oz (88 ml) clear glass bottle
      • Cruelty-free
      • Made in the USA

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