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About Orchid

Orchid Perfume opens with bright notes of sparkling bergamot and ripe Nashi pear. Cattleya Orchid and fresh-cut freesia blossom at the heart for a dramatic opening to this lush, velvety fragrance. Crystallized vanilla balanced with sheer musk adds a gourmande nuance to Orchid's deliciously sultry finish.

In a creative collaboration with the master gardeners at the New York Botanical Garden and renowned perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, Caswell-Massey has been able to reimagine the scent of the Cattleya Orchid. We and horticulturalists at the NYBG evaluated dozens of orchids before thoughtful evaluation led to the selection of twelve orchids for capture. (Not commonly known, orchids can display a wide range of fragrances; some are extraordinarily fragrant, ranging from the enchanting to the noxious, while others may have no scent at all.)

Now, with 21st-century fragrance technology, we can responsibly bring the experience of a living garden to you without harming or harvesting flowers using the 'living floral' fragrance capture technique. Applying this fragrance-capture technology, the scent signatures of unharvested flowers can be identified (producing something akin to sheet music), enabling the team to recreate “nature-identical” scent molecules using sustainably sourced materials (the instruments, to continue the metaphor), without damaging or harming the rare botanical species. These nature-identical molecules are then reimagined by perfumers (the conductors) to create Perfumes and Eau de Toilettes (the finished symphonies) for our Floral Collection.

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