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Find the Perfect Bar of Soap for You

America's Soap for 10 Generations

Our luxurious, triple-milled scented soaps have been the favorite of American presidents, celebrities, and everyday Americans for nearly 300 years. In addition to our wide selection of individual soaps, we also offer three-bar sets and twelve-bar Year of Soap sets. Both types of sets are available in single-scent options—so you can replenish your favorite scented bar soap over and over again—as well as mixed-scent options, so you can enjoy several favorites or try something new.

We’ve organized all our body soap bars into the following collections to make it easier for you to narrow down the right soaps for you. Whether you want a soap with a classic masculine fragrance, a fresh floral scent, or something nuanced and modern that anyone can enjoy, you’ll find it here.

Centuries Soap Collection

Our Centuries Collection features six 5.8-ounce, single-note-scented soaps, including our Almond, Sandalwood, Verbena, and Lavender bath soaps, plus our unscented, 6.4-ounce Castile Bar Soap, which is ideal for sensitive skin. It’s called the Centuries Collection because we have been working to perfect the formulations of these soaps for nearly three centuries.


Floral Soap Collection

The Floral Soap Collection features smaller, 3.5-ounce decorative soaps, including our Marem, Peony, Rose, Orchid, Honeysuckle, Lilac, Gardenia, and Elixir of Love bath soaps. Use these floral soaps in the bath or shower, or leave them by the sink for the best hand soap experience for yourself and your guests.

Caswell-Massey LX48 Bar Soap: Man holding the oval bar soap next to fragrance bottles

Heritage Soap Collection

Our popular Heritage Collection features 5.8-ounce bath soaps for men in classic scents, including our trademark Number Six, as well as LX48, 2571, OAIRE, RÒS, Jockey Club, Newport, Greenbriar, and Woodgrain Sandalwood. This collection also includes the 6.4-ounce Heritage Body Scrub Bar. This exfoliating bar body scrub features a light citrus-and-herbal scent.


Yellowstone Soap Collection

Our Yellowstone Collection includes three 6.4-ounce bars of soap. Through the power of scent, each bar captures a different geographic location within Yellowstone National Park. Choose from our Old Faithful Bar Soap, Lake Bar Soap, and Mammoth Bar Soap, each of which features a refreshing unisex fragrance.

Caswell-Massey Orchid Bath Soap, light purple decorative bar soap Packshot


Orchid Bar Soap

"Simply The BEST SOAP anywhere! We have tried almost every scent and type of soap from Caswell-Massey. The Orchid Bar Soap is a favorite because of its lovely floral fragrance. SO GENTLE on our skin, and we can trust Caswell-Massey to be consistent with the quality and depth of fragrance. Thank You!"


Caswell-Massey LX48 Luxury Bar Soap for Men 3-Soap Gift Set


LX48 Bar Soap

"LX48 is such an unusual, intoxicating scent. The lather is tremendous but it's the scent that is so addicting. The leather and tobacco definitely come through, but so too does wood moss. Love it!"


Caswell-Massey 2571 Bar Soap, natural cream-colored, oval bar soap, 5.8oz with logo stamped into surface


2571 Bar Soap

"Superb bar of soap, of course, but the fragrance is what really makes it stand out. Makes me feel important just waking up and getting to smell its aroma as I get into the shower, plus my girlfriend loves the smell of it one me."


Caswell-Massey Marem Luxury 3-Soap Gift Set shown with gift box alongside natural cream decorative soaps


Marem Bar Soap

"Marem soap makes me and my bathroom smell luxurious. The lather is ample, rinses clean, and leaves my skin so soft. Great in the tub, shower, or at the sink."



Luxury Soaps That You Can Trust

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Whichever scent you prefer, you can trust our plant-based, mindfully formulated soaps to produce an ultra-rich lather that leaves your skin feeling cleansed and nourished. Learn for yourself why men and women have trusted our soap bars to provide a luxurious bath or shower experience since 1752.

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