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Origins of the Fragrance


2571 explores the deep ways that scent and memory are intertwined, and how our memories add a unique and personal signature to the perception of fragrances. 

Aromatics that connect us to our origins in nature. Spice and pepper notes connecting us to exotic destinations. Ozonic notes blend the scent with the air we live and breathe. Deep wood, root, and amber notes ground us to the earth.  


Scent is and should be understood as a remarkable, even miraculous thing. A gathering of molecules from plants and minerals all around our living earth -- collected, refined, and perfected independently; and then carefully formulated and blended by the artist perfumer and packaged so that it can be played back anytime: a triumphant symphony of scent. 

Perfume has the capacity to give all the encoded emotional power and primordial memory of these molecules to the wearer in a single spray. And when blended with each wearer’s personal chemistry, a second transformation happens that binds all this power to this moment, this person, and this experience entangled with this manifestation of the perfume.

This is 2571.

Perfumer: Laurent LeGuernec