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Caswell-Massey Marem Perfume, Marem 3-Soap Gift Set shown in red packaging

Sophisticated & Unique

Gifts for Her

Give a Special Woman the Gifts She’ll Cherish

Browse beautiful gifts and signature gift sets for women in this collection. Each of these luxurious women’s gifts is carefully crafted to evoke the romance in the everyday. Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift set or birthday gift for her, you’ll find it here. Help your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend make every day more beautiful with our skin-pampering formulas and exceptional fragrances.

Centuries Gift Set Gift Set Caswell-Massey®

Luxurious Self-Care Package

Centuries Gift Set

Explore the best of the best from our Centuries Bath & Body Collection. Begin your home spa experience with the iconic Almond Soap and continue with our indulgent Rosewater Lotion. Place the finishing touches with our Sandalwood fragrance and elegant De-Tangler Comb.

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Caswell-Massey Designer Floral Year of Soap Gift Set

Delight Her All Year Long

Designer Floral Soap Gift Set

Our Floral Year of Soap Set is the epitome of everyday luxury—a thoughtful and indulgent gift that brings the beauty of nature and the elegance of fragrance into her daily routine. She'll be able to immerse herself in the floral symphony and let the delicate scents transport her to a realm of relaxation and sensory bliss.

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Bouquet Discovery Set Discovery Fragrance Caswell-Massey®

Floral Bliss

Bouquet Discovery Set

The Bouquet Discovery Set is not just a collection of perfumes; it's an invitation to explore the diverse and enchanting world of floral fragrances. She can try each perfume individually to appreciate its distinct character, and then experiment with combining them to create her personalized bouquet of scents.

Pair with the Bouquet 3-Soap Gift Set.

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Pura Smart Diffuser Set featuring NYBG Fragrances Beatrix Rose & Orchid Home Fragrance Other Caswell-Massey®

Bring the Garden Indoors

Pura Smart Home Diffuser

Whether you seek the delicate and exotic notes of Orchid or the timeless and classic fragrance of Rose, the Caswell-Massey and Pura collaboration allows you to infuse your living spaces with the scents and feelings that resonate with you. Embrace the future of fragrance and technology, where the art of perfumery meets the sophistication of smart home solutions.

Add matching floral soaps for an immersive housewarming exerience.

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Save 17%Verbena Lotion Body Lotion Caswell-Massey®
Verbena Lotion Sale price$15.00 Regular price$18.00
Sold outVerbena Hand Wash Hand Soap Caswell-Massey®   Verbena Hand Wash Hand Soap Caswell-Massey®
Verbena Hand Wash Sale price$18.00
Final SaleSave 35%Isle of Roses Hair Oil Multipurpose Oils Caswell-Massey®
Isle of Roses Hair Oil Sale price$26.00 Regular price$40.00
Sold outDetangler Comb Combs & Brushes Caswell-Massey®
Detangler Comb Sale price$40.00
Sold outTravel Detangler Combs & Brushes Caswell-Massey®
Travel Detangler Sale price$35.00
Sold outStandard Hair Brush Combs & Brushes Caswell-Massey®
Standard Hair Brush Sale price$90.00
Sold outStandard Hair Brush with Nylon Combs & Brushes Caswell-Massey®
Sold outExtra-Large Hair Brush Combs & Brushes Caswell-Massey®
Extra-Large Hair Brush Sale price$100.00
Sold outF. Hammann 4-Piece Manicure Set Manicure Caswell-Massey®
F. Hammann 2-Piece Manicure Set Manicure Caswell-Massey®
E-Gift Cards Gift Cards Caswell-Massey® $25
E-Gift Cards Sale priceFrom $25.00

Looking for something that reflects her personal style?

Build a Personalized Self-Care Bundle Just For Her

Create a truly personalized and thoughtful gift for her by choosing from a diverse selection of individual products. Craft a custom self-care package tailored to her preferences and needs. Begin by pairing a soap bar with a matching fragrance. Opt for a perfume or eau de toilette that complements the soap, providing her with a layered and long-lasting scent. Next, complete the duo with a nourishing body lotion. Finally, consider including one of our attractive accessories, like one of acetate combs, boar bristle brushes, or nail accessories, elevating her styling experience. No matter which gifts for him catch your eye, you can be sure that they will reflect the commitment to quality that we’ve demonstrated at Caswell-Massey since our founding in 1752.

Women’s Gift Sets: Soaps, Perfume Sets, and More Luxury Gifts

Gifts for Women

Since our founding in 1752, our products have been mindfully crafted with high-quality ingredients. The result is this collection of grooming and home products that turn everyday self-care into a truly pampering experience. Many of these gifts feature floral fragrances created as part of our New York Botanical Garden Collection. This selection even includes a Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser that comes with popular NYBG fragrances, so she can fill her home with the fragrance of a garden wonderland.