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A remarkable story is woven into each of our captivating scents as each fragrance carries with it its own history in the memories of the many thousands of customers who have worn them, shared them, adopted them as their personal signature fragrances, and left our scents alive in the memories of their loved ones and significant others.

Caswell-Massey Elixir of Love Eau de Toilette (60 mL), woman holding the fragrance bottle, cobalt blue with gold cap, in her hands in front of a floral sundress with soft blue floral pattern

By Caswell-Massey

The Summer Edit

Summer is here and now is time to update your fragrance rotation to include some light-wearing, bright scents to carry you through hot summer days. But be sure not to overlook adding a rich, sultry scent or two that pair perfectly with balmy summer evenings.

Jasmine | Passionflower | Musk

Elixir of Love

"I absolutely love Elixir of Love. I've been wearing it for years. It's such a beautiful scent: powdery and floral without being overly sweet. I adore it. " -A.

"I adore this perfume. It's so special that I'm tempted to save it for special occasions, but it is so lovely that I want to wear it all the time. I've chosen it as my signature scent, that fragrance that makes people think of you whenever they smell it. It really is an Elixir of Love because I fall in love with it every time I spray it on. Please never stop making it." -A.


Marem Perfume Fragrance Caswell-Massey®

Red Currant | Crimean Rose | Amber


"Marem is an intriguing scent . It is subtle enough for every day but also perfect for a romantic evening. I love it." -J.

"Amazing sultry and sophisticated tones create an olfactory wonderland. This scent should be cross referenced under “Woman; see also self-assured, intuitive and nurturing.” It’s a very subtle aroma that smells knockout on the wife! NOT for every woman." -L.


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Jockey Club Eau de Parfum Fragrance Caswell-Massey®

Bergamot | Basil | Honeyed Rose

Jockey Club

"The scent is classic and fresh, managing to blend the iconic notes of an older age with modern vibrancy. I’ve found my new lifetime cologne—thank you Caswell-Massey for bringing old world charm into the new!" -R


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Osmanthus | Patchouli | Atlas Cedar


"Oaire is soft but deep, like lying by a forest pool surrounded by ferns. I do pick up tarragon, but it transitions into deeper complexity within a few minutes. Lasts for hours. This could work for anyone looking for a discreet, anchoring, earthy scent. Winner!" -C.


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