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RÒS Eau de Parfum

Bergamot | Scepter’d Rose | Rare Spices

Sale price$200.00

RÒS Eau de Parfum is a multi-dimensional floral spicy amber scent, decidedly masculine in character. Arriving with luminous citrus top notes of sparkling bergamot, the heart is infused with the heady aroma of the Scepter’d Rose. An enigmatic blend of rare spices, anise, and dark amber brings a warm sensuality to the base of this uniquely daring creation.

Fragrance Family: Floral Spicy Amber
Top: Sparkling Bergamot

Middle: Scepter’d Rose
Base: Rare Spices, Anise, Dark Amber

Caswell-Massey RÒS Eau de Parfum showing full-size 100ml, travel-size 7.5ml, and RÒS Bar Soap
SKU: 09-00301
RÒS Eau de Parfum Fragrance Caswell-Massey® 100 mL
RÒS Eau de Parfum Sale price$200.00
Caswell-Massey RÒS Eau de Parfum for Men: image of red roses representing scent notes with "Dark and Daring Crimson Rose"
Caswell-Massey RÒS Eau de Parfum: image of spices in red and brown tones with "Rare Spices"
Caswell-Massey RÒS Eau de Parfum: image of amber to represent one of the scent notes with "Dark Amber"