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Bouquet Discovery Set

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SKU: 01-60027

With the Bouquet Discovery Set, experience three exquisite floral perfumes—Peony, Orchid, and Rose—that together create a romantic, vibrant bouquet.

Peony is sheer pink bliss: a lush, sweet floral blend of juicy wild berries and pink peonies wrapped in sweet greens. Orchid is smooth, velvety drama that lets the Cattleya Orchid shine, while fresh-cut freesia, ripe Nashi pear, and crystallized vanilla add a delicious gourmand nuance to its finish. And effervescent Rose combines sparkling bergamot, tart black currant, wild fig, and sheer musk to bring a romantic sensuality to the fragrance of the Heritage Rose at its heart.

Our Bouquet Discovery Set is made in partnership with The New York Botanical Garden, and each purchase directly supports the park's work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education.

Bouquet Discovery Set Discovery Fragrance Caswell-Massey®
Bouquet Discovery Set Sale price$75.00
Caswell-Massey Peony Perfume for Women: image of pink peonies representing the main scent note
Caswell-Massey Rose Perfume for Women: image showing pink roses to represent primary scent note
Caswell-Massey Orchid Perfume for Women: image showing pink and purple orchids to represent primary scent notes