Vie-Long Barber Pole Shave Brush

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Our newest addition to the Caswell-Massey Heritage Shave Line, crafted with ethically sourced horse hair, has the modern American man in mind.  This old-world style shave brush is sustainably-made but still sports the supple bristles needed to build the perfect lather and lift the follicles from the skin for a smooth, easy shave. We're proud to introduce this incredible product imported from Valencia, Spain with a classic red, white, & blue-striped style.

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  • Sturdy bristles lift the follicle & create a lather fit for a close shave
  • Small, curved handle is comfortable to hold & great for travel
  • Boasts an iconic style
  1. Wet brush bristles with warm water, careful to saturate all bristles.
  2. Apply small amount of shave cream directly to tip of brush or rotate brush in a circular motion on top of shave soap or shave cream jar.
  3. Develop a rich lather using circular motions across your beard until small bubbles develop and a lather starts to build. Apply to skin evenly in the same circular motion.
  4. Squeeze out and rinse the brush. Once the soap is applied, use your forefinger and thumb to squeeze the brush and pull the remaining dense lather out.
  5. To care and store your brush, rinse thoroughly with hot water and hang that brush upside down to dry.
  • Ethically sourced horse hair
  • Made in Spain
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