NYBG Honeysuckle for Pura Smart Home Diffuser

SKU: 01-40767


Our Honeysuckle Fragrance is made in partnership with The New York Botanical Garden, and each purchase directly supports the park's work in plant research and conservation, horticulture, and education.

The scent of the blossoms that fill the air in late spring are captured in our Honeysuckle fragrance, which balances the light sweetness of honeysuckle with a hint of the forest floor. As a living floral scent, created in collaboration with the Master Gardners of the New York Botanical Gardens, our Honeysuckle fragrance derives from the wild honeysuckle blossoms that grow along the native forest pathways and rocky hillsides found within the Gardens. For use with the Pura Smart Home Diffuser, this fragrance vial brings the joyous sweetness of newly blooming Honeysuckle vines into your home. 

With your Pura Device handy and your smartphone app open, scan the QR code on the packaging, remove the cap, and insert up to two vials into the device.  Set to desired fragrance and intensity, customize around your schedule, and utilize away mode all from the convenience of your smartphone or device. 

More about Pura

  • Easily control fragrance intensity and schedule, anywhere, anytime through the Pura smartphone application
  • Enable geo-location technology to have fragrance turn on when you're home and shut off when you're away
  • Easily switch between two fragrances within the app
  • LED ambient nightlight embedded in the Pura Device that can be turned on or off and customized to any color
  • 10ml vial in NYBG Honeysuckle
  • Child & Pet Friendly 
  • Scent up to 1,000 sq ft
  • Lasts up to 112 hours; alternatively, single vials last up to 2 weeks assuming 8 hours of use daily at a level 5 intensity
  • Learn more about NYBG's conservation efforts at nybgbrand.org.

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