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Deep Florals Essential Oils Set

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For many decades, Caswell-Massey has not only used the highest quality essential oils to scent our products, but we have also offered our oils directly to customers who enjoy mixing their own customized blends. We continue the tradition today, partnering with essential oils expert Michelle K. Gagnon to create exquisite sets of oils from the finest sources on Earth.

This limited edition kit captures the aromatherapeutic power of floral, citrus, and sandalwood oils that are organic and wildcrafted (foraged from their natural habitat). Included in the set are instructions and mixing tools to create your own fragrance blends that have many uses, from perfume oil to massage oil to bath oil. There are four scents: Ylang ylang (spicy floral), sandalwood (woody), geranium (floral), and mandarin (citrus). The two base oils (argan and jojoba) are unscented and used as carriers (a neutral base) in which to mix your personal blends.

Included in the Set

• 5 ml bottle wildcrafted ylang ylang oil solution from renewable resources
• 5 ml bottle wildcrafted sandalwood oil solution from renewable resources
• 5 ml bottle 100% organic geranium oil solution
• 5 ml bottle 100% organic mandarin oil solution
• 30 ml bottle 100% organic argan oil
• 10 ml bottle 100% organic jojoba oil
• Recipes, mixing tools, and collectible cards for each oil

Shop our entire family of essential oils here. We also offer two fully composed Deep Floral oil blends created by Michelle K. Gagnon: the multi-purpose moisturizing oil In Wildness, the Preservation of the World and the aromatherapeutic oil The Passionate Touch of a Flower.

  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA 

To learn about the creation of these limited edition oils, the meanings behind "ultrawild" and "wildcrafted," and more information about Michelle's creative process, enjoy this brief video.

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