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Living Florals: The Pursuit of Scent

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The Pursuit of Scent

For a modern reintroduction of our floral perfumes, we collaborated with Senior Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, the Master Gardeners at the New York Botanical Garden, and Botanical Scientists at IFF to create a collection of perfumes based on the magnificent and rare plants and flowers living at The New York Botanical Garden. These four beautiful floral fragrances are captured directly from the Living Florals that have been masterfully cultivated at the Garden over the past Century.

To create these fragrances, each flower was gently coaxed into a round glass bauble to capture each flower's molecular 'scent signature', which is directly used to develop the scent of the fragrance. The results are remarkable, with fresh, green, botanical floral scents that let you take the garden with you anywhere you go.

The Pursuit of Scent

The Living Floral Scents

Lilac Illustration

Visitors have delighted in the Lilacs at the New York Botanical Garden's 'Lilac Hill' that blossom in sequence throughout spring.

With a delicate floral scent and hints of suede and amber, the fragrance in this Eau de Toilette is derived directly from the blossoms of NYBG's extraordinary Lilac Collection.

Honeysuckle Illustration

Honeysuckle grows wild along the native forest pathways and on rocky hillsides at the incredible New York Botanical Garden.

The scent of the blossoms that fill the air in late spring are captured in this fragrance, balancing the light sweetness of Honeysuckle with a hint of the forest floor.

Gardenia Illustration

Large white flowers with thick petals blossom on the two lovely Gardenias that stand tall within the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden.

Caswell-Massey's Gardenia Eau de Toilette captures the perfect harmony of the smooth green and floral notes found only in these white silken petals.

Beatrix Illustration

We captured the scent of many Roses to find the right one for this fragrance.

Beatrix Perfume is a living floral capture of a wild rose that has grown in the Garden for decades, and named for Beatrix Farrand, designer of the NYBG Rose Garden and one of the most acclaimed Landscape Architects of the Twentieth Century.