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How to Enjoy

  1. Start with a clean face. Wash with hot water or begin shaving after showering.
  2. Soak the shave brush of your choice until fully wet.
  3. Swirl the shaving brush in the hard soap a few times until the brush is loaded with soap. You don’t need to work up a lather in the tin—the lather will develop on your beard.
  4. Develop a rich lather using circular motions across your beard until small bubbles develop and a lather starts to build.
  5. Shave using your preferred razor.
  6. Rinse clean with cold water and apply aftershave or toner.
  7. Drain excess water from shave soap tin, let air dry, and replace the lid on the tin.

We've formulated our Hot-Pour Shave Soaps to provide such superior lubrication and razor glide that the high coconut oil content does not require the use of pre-shave oils, but for those with sensitive skin or skin prone to over-drying, we offer quality beard oils and pre-shave oils here. Simply lather, shave, and rinse for the cleanest wet shave imaginable.