Newport: A fresh & cool scent, with spiced citrus that floats on a briny ocean breeze, is anchored by the botanicals and warm woods of New England's rugged coastline.

GreenbriarGreenbriar is an exhilarating green aquatic fougere, long prized as a classic sporting scent because of its exceptional freshness. Mandarin and neroli mellow into sage and leave behind the warmth of vetiver and the subtlest hint of patchouli.

Jockey Club: Considered America's first sport cologne and a favorite of John F. Kennedy, Jockey Club contains a masculine floral and herbal opening that settles into a clean, slightly sweet, powdery dry-down. Jockey Club is the definitive scent of ivy style.

Supernatural Number Six: Opening notes of citrus, neroli, bergamot & rosemary evolve into a complex dry-down to rose, musk, and myrrh, which together provide the sophisticated yet restrained conclusion to this stately fragrance. Number Six is America’s first fragrance, created in 1772, and would soon become a favorite of George Washington.