American Icons Fragrance Discovery Set

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The American Icons Discovery Set contains four fragrances representing the ingenuity in creation and quality in execution by which Caswell-Massey has built its name as the preeminent creator and home to America's defining fragrances.

Beginning with Number Six Eau de Parfum, we offer the modern formulation of America's first fragrance—developed in 1772—which  features a bright opening of sparkling bergamot, rosemary, and neroli which evolve into a warm, enveloping heart of rose, clove, and golden amber.

For a contemporary expression of fine American fragrance, we present LX48 Eau de Parfuman intoxicating composition of violet, freshly-cut tobacco, well-worn vintage leather, and resinous rare woods.

RÒS Eau de Parfum is a multi-dimensional floral spicy amber scent, decidedly masculine in character, that takes inspiration from and honors the prized scepter’d rose. Using the 'living floral' fragrance capture technique, both RÒS and Old Faithful represent Caswell-Massey's commitment to innovation by using sustainably sourced materials to create natural-world fragrances without damaging or harming the rare botanical species that serve as inspirations for the fragrances.

To complete the set, Old Faithful, from our Yellowstone Collection, combines the green herbaceous fragrances of the variegated grasses and plants framing Yellowstone Park’s Old Faithful geyser basins with rich, smoky notes that reference the surrounding dense forest. 

Number Six: America’s first fragrance, created by Caswell-Massey in 1772, would quickly become a favorite of George Washington. This eau de parfum features a bright opening of sparkling bergamot, rosemary, and neroli which evolve into a warm, enveloping heart of rose, clove, and golden amber. A complex accord of white musk and premium-harvest lavender provides the perfect finish to the scent. 

LX48: LX48 opens with a subtle accord of dark florals that gives way to a dramatic heart of heady tobacco and dried oakmoss. Aromatic cedarwood and supple vintage leather add depth and warmth to the dry-down for this contemporary expression of fine American fragrance.

RÒSAn atypical rose scent, RÒS is deep and mysterious. With a heart of dark spice, amber, and anise, it is a sophisticated potion that is impossible to define as merely 'masculine' or 'feminine.'

Old Faithful: This spirited woody spicy blend is characterized by top notes of fresh sagebrush and aromatic blue lupine, as early-harvest larkspur blooms at the heart, adding softness and setting the stage for a warm, addictive base of tree moss, pine smoke and patchouli.

  • Four .5 oz (15 ml) spray bottles
  • Sustainably packaged using FSC-certified paper
  • Made with natural essential oils produced with solar power
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in the USA

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