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Master Collection of Fragrance

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An incredible collection of Sixteen 15ml fragrances, including all of our four Heritage Colognes and four Centuries EDTs, our three NYBG floral EDTs, plus our NYBG RÒS EDP and Beatrix Perfume, Marem Perfume, LX48 EDP, and our most remarkable Supernatural formulation of Number Six EDP, the first fragrancee in America.

This is perfect for giving the ultimate fragrance lover a remarkable gift, ideal for corporate gifting or as a generous gift for an entire family or group of friends.


  • 15ml Heritage Jockey Club (1840)
  • 15ml Heritage Newport (1890)
  • 15ml Heritage Tricorn (1941)
  • 15ml Heritage Greenbriar (1984)
  • 15ml Centuries Almond EDT
  • 15ml Centuries Sandalwood EDT
  • 15ml Centuries Verbena EDT
  • 15ml Centuries Lavender EDT
  • 15ml NYBG Gardenia EDT
  • 15ml NYBG Lilac EDT
  • 15ml NYBG Honeysuckle EDT
  • 15ml NYBG Beatrix Perfume
  • 15ml NYBG RÒS EDP
  • 15ml LX48 EDP
  • 15ml Supernatural Number Six EDP (1772)
  • 15ml Marem Perfume

Presented in a blue embossed Caswell-Massey Gift Box.

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