Medium Round Hair Brush

SKU: 14-30689


Round hair brushes are the ultimate hair styling tool created to tame frizz while adding volume to hair of all types. Made for use with hair dryers, the professional-length barrel provides more surface area to make blow-drying faster and easier. Importantly, the cork handle provides a comfortable, lightweight grip during styling, while nylon-enhanced boar bristles enhance shine. Made without metals, our round brushes with boar bristles also protect hair from heat damage that metals often inflict upon hair during hair dryer use. 

When selecting the size of your round hair brush, larger barrels are best for hair straightening and creating loose, wavy curls. Smaller barrels, in contrast, are best for creating tighter curls. Because all of our round brushes contain a mix of boar and nylon bristles, they are safe to use on thin to normal as well as thick hair of all lengths.

For help deciding which styling accessory is best for you, view our guide here.

  • 2" round hair brush with natural boar hair and nylon bristles
  • Cork handle
  • One 9 3/4" brush

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