Orchid & Vic

INTRODUCING ORCHID LIVING FLORALS. Caswell-Massey, America’s Original Perfumers and Chemists, and The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), America’s premier urban garden, are proud to introduce a new collection of Orchid fragrances captured from living florals at the Botanical Gardens, as a celebration of THE ORCHID SHOW: SINGAPORE taking place at the New York Botanical Garden February 23rd- April 28th 2019.

Caswell-Masssey Orchid Capture at the New York Botanical Garden 2018

The new fragrances include ORCHID, a Perfume for Women; and VIC, an EDP for Men and Women. These ‘Living Floral’ fragrances were created in collaboration with Marc Hachadourian (NYBG Director of Glasshouse Horticulture and Senior Curator of Orchids) and the Botanists at the New York Botanical Garden; and with IFF Senior Perfumer Laurent LeGuernec, using revolutionary fragrance capture technology to create fragrances matched to specific Orchids within the rare Orchid collection at the Research greenhouse of The New York Botanical Garden.


The introduction of these fragrances is the result of a year of fragrance development that began during the 2018 Orchid Show. Orchids have a wide range of fragrances; some are extraordinarily fragrant and can be quite unusual; others may have no scent at all.  The Collection of Orchids maintained at NYBG is unlike any other collection in the world, with rare and unusual specimens and some Orchid Specimens that have been in the collection for over a century. 

Orchid Living Floral Capture

Dozens of Orchids were evaluated by the Horticultural team and Staff at NYBG, our Perfumers, and Caswell-Massey's team. After a careful evaluation, twelve Orchids were selected for capture, and two very special Orchids from the captured specimens were developed into the final fragrances:  

Orchid 50ml Perfume

Orchid is a lovely, delicate Living Floral Orchid Perfume with complexity, sophistication, and poise. Derived from a Cattleya Orchid, known for its exceptional color, beauty and fragrance. It has a smooth, pretty scent with a wonderful feminine trail - perfect for everyday daytime or evening wear. 

This Perfume is available in a 50ml Perfume Spray and a 15ml Travel Perfume - perfect for discovering the scent, or a nice size to travel or keep in your purse.


VIC EDP 88ml

Our second and more masculine Orchid scent, VIC is derived directly from a Living Floral Victorian-era Vanda Giganticus, the oldest living plant among the Orchids in the collection of the New York Botanical Garden, acquired by the Garden in 1904. VIC is a complex Orchid EDP with a masculine character, suitable for both Men and Women. The scent has a very dry, slightly powdery opening with smooth, bright florals in the heart and a dry-down to a sharp mossy green scent.  Available in our 88ml Full-Size EDP or in our 15ml Travel Discovery Size