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Article: Interesting Artifacts

Interesting Artifacts
American History

Interesting Artifacts

From the Civil War Era...

Caswell-Massey’s apothecary remedies for treating the ill and wounded. The photo above is an apothecary case carried by a Civil-War era Doctor. The glass vials contain a wide range of treatments and remedies for everything from common colds to wound salves, and elixirs for sleeping and pain relief. Our archives even contain some wooden teeth and a Caswell - engraved tooth extractor, from the late nineteenth century, when we sold surgical instruments.

Time has taught us that the stronghold of a society is in its roots and the future can be uncovered by looking at the past. The traditions, events & trends embraced by memory enable us to move forward with a clearer perspective and meaningful purpose.

This is how Caswell-Massey has persevered across nearly three centuries. We know how simple recipes and remedies can be highly effective, and that often the simplest, most natural ingredients are the key to making the very best fragrances, soaps and lotions. As America’s Original Apothecary & Perfumery, this is also why our lifeline with the past has remained unsevered. We continue this path with the highest level of quality in all that we do and offer!

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