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Essential Oils Mixing Kits

Luxurious Essential Oils in Collaboration with NY Bio-Alchemist Michelle K. Gagnon

In our earliest days in Newport, Rhode Island...

Essential Oils were imported for many purposes including apothecary remedies and of course for aromatherapy and fragrance development. Many of our most loyal customers will remember our essential oils in their small brown bottles that were sold at our New York store as well. Essential Oil Blends like Holy Smoke!, Hot Stuff, and Spice of Life were quite popular, and we also provided a resource for customers who wanted to blend their own fragrances or create potpourri blends.

Caswell-Massey Holy Smoke OilCaswell-Massey Carnation Essential Oil

Above, images of Holy Smoke! Essential Oil Blend and Pure Carnation Oil from the 1970's.

We're incredibly proud to be bringing these items back into our assortment in 2018, and we are starting with a beautiful, ready-to-gift kit that provides everything you need to learn about the beauty and power of essential oils.

“So much of our 265 year history as a company is rooted in essential oils, and they are key ingredients in many of our products” said Caswell-Massey’s new president, Nick Arauz. “It seemed like a crime that we had left this business, and we wanted to bring it back the way a 265-year old company should do it - with the very best quality oils, a beautiful story behind every ingredient, and beneficial ways to use the oils, drawn from our roots as an Apothecary.”

To create these formulas, Caswell-Massey turned to Michelle K. Gagnon, a Bio-Alchemist, educator, and environmentalist in New York City who works with private clients. Michelle is descended from a long family lineage of botanists, gardeners, and floriculturists, responsible for over 80,000 varieties of Rose. Michelle guided the sourcing of the organic and wildcrafted oils, and created a set of mixing formulas to guide customers on how to blend the oils as fragrance oils or skin and body oils.

Michelle K. Gagnon at work

Above, Michelle K. Gagnon in her NY Blending Studio, and out in the world researching and distilling essential oils.  

The ‘Deep Florals’ kit includes Wildcrafted Ylang-Ylang and Sandalwood with Organic Mandarin and Geranium oils. The ‘Steps in the Forest’ Kit includes Organic Cedarwood, Vetiver, Bergamot, and Frankincense. Both kits include Organic Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil for mixing, glass droppers, a mixing guide, and a set of collector’s cards that detail the origins and traditional benefits of the oils.  Both kits are sold in a keepsake box, with Caswell-Massey’s logo embossed in metallic silver.

From Michelle Gagnon: “When working with such precious botanical ingredients I feel it is important to acknowledge, share, and appreciate all the plant has to offer; and that is exactly what we did with this project.  These essential oils provide more than an olfactory experience, they offer many medicinal properties as well.  This is a tribute to the rich history of the company and to the botanical ingredients themselves.”

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Abby Orcutt Hayes,

Any idea when in 2018 holy smoke will be back? Is it a limited time production? It was my late fathers scent and I plan on getting it for their anniversary this year as a surprise…that is if timing is right.

Joe Watson,

This is great that your bringing the oils back, holy smoke & hot stuff are my favorite, I can’t wait…. P.S . Can you send me a E-mail when they hit the stores. joe.watson57@Yahoo.com

Joe Watson,

This is great that your bringing the oils back, holy smoke & hot stuff are my favorite, I can’t wait…. P.S . Can you send me a E-mail when they hit the stores. joe.watson57@Yahoo.com

Evelyn Wallace,

What a wonderful idea. I have been using essential oils for many years buying them wherever I could find them in malls and even botanical gardens shops. Ylang ylang is a favorite of mine along with patchouli and frankincense. I will definitely try these sets. It’s been long awaited. Thanks so much !


Thank you for bringing back your wonderful essential oils. No other product line has ever matched the quality and richness of your oils. I still have a sealed bottle of Patchouli & Holy Smoke! Looking forward to what you roll out in 2018.

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