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Caswell-Massey - 5 Steps to Master the Art of Shaving

Gentlemen, let's beard the myth & face up to the fact that shaving is not the happiest of pastimes. However, any task is less onerous when the means to accomplish it are luxurious. Just as flying first class makes a business trip more pleasant, so do excellent shaving supplies make the daily chore less burdensome. Here are 5 steps & some tools to achieve that fresh-faced, perfect shave.


Heat Things Up
Start with some heat! It's best to shave in or right after the shower. The heat of the shower aids in opening pores & allows the hair to soften & rise so they are easier to shave off. If you don't have time for a shower, wrapping a moistened, warm towel around your face for several minutes will do the trick.

Step 2. PRIME

Oil Slick and Sleek
Don't skip this step! We need to prep & soften the hair to allow the razor to glide easily. We also want to help reduce the stubble & cut down on the chances of nicks and razor burn. The trick here is to apply a few drops of oil such as the Caswell-Massey Pre-Shave Oil and massage it into your skin.


Step 3. LATHER

Caswell-Massey Sandalwood Shave Essentials

Layer Cream or Suds
Now is the time to choose - shave soap or shaving cream. Shave creams that come in tubes & jars are preferred over creams in aerosol cans because they produce a gentler lather & allow for a closer shave. For those who are pro-shave cream we suggest Caswell-Massey's Shave Cream in Sandalwood or Almond.

For those that that have a little more time & want to keep it old school we suggest trying our very popular Shave Soaps in a Bowl. Remember, shave soaps do require spending more time in lathering than creams, but we assure you that it's time well spent.

Whatever your choice of lather, make sure you apply it using a shave brush. With a quality shave brush, you'll lift and separate each hair & coat them more thoroughly with the lather. This further reduces the chances of ingrown hairs & makes the skin softer for a more comfortable shave. Badger brushes are our brush of choice because the bristles are sturdy, durable, & absorb water just like human hair. It's no surprise that they have been the preferred shaving brush for over 2 centuries. Wet the bristles with warm water & begin working up a lather with your cream or soap. Then, moving in circles, apply the lather to your face.


Step 4. SHAVE

Caswell-Massey Razors

Razor Sharp
Armed with your razor in hand, start at the sideburns & shave with the grain. In other words, shave in the direction that the hair is growing. Use long strokes to work down the face, rinsing the razor frequently, finishing at the neck. Shave the neck last as by then the pre-shave oil has had more time to absorb into the skin & loosen the tougher hair in that area.

If you feel like you have achieved ample coverage, skip to the next step. If not, lather up & shave again, this time going across or against the grain. Don't apply too much pressure or you will end up with razor burns. To finish off, rinse your face with cold water to remove any excess cream/oil. Cold water closes the pores & refreshes the skin. Pat your face dry. Gentle, gentle.

Tip: Pulling your skin taut will result in a very close shave. Rather than shave closely, shave frequently to prevent ingrown hair. Always make sure that the blade is sharp.



Caswell-Massey Eucalyptus After Shave

The Last Leg
You're not ready to walk out the door just yet. The last thing to apply is an after shave. The skin on the face is very sensitive, & constant shaving may leave it dry, irritated, & prone to ingrown hairs. That's where After Shave Balms come in. They are great for conditioning & healing and give the skin a healthy appearance, not a red, bumpy irritated one. After Shaves usually come as scented or unscented lotions or balms. The scent usually wears off in an hour or two, so remember to layer it with you favorite Caswell-Massey Cologne.

Finally, if you have dry skin, finish off with a facial moisturizer of your choice & get ready to tackle the day.


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